Overnight Newborn Care in Madison, WI


Ever heard of a “night nurse” or “night nanny?” We do that and so much more.

Sleep deprivation is not just unpleasant, it’s also a danger to your health. Your body and mind relies on stretches of uninterrupted rest to stay well. Since newborns are biologically wired to wake for feedings every hour or two, there’s not much you can do other than ensure extra help!

get enough sleep to have a great day

Your postpartum and newborn specialist will arrive in the evening and stay ‘til morning. They will lovingly feed, change, rock, and soothe your baby through those tough night wakings, ensuring that you are not disturbed. You will get the rest your mind and body craves, so that you can be everything you desire to be as a parent during the day. Learn what it’s really like to work with Madison Newborn Care!

breastfeeding friendly

While our specialists are happy to feed your baby pumped breastmilk or formula according to your directions, we are also able to provide overnight care while supporting an exclusive breastfeeding relationship as well.

How it Works

Schedule your initial phone call with our Family Care Coordinator to walk through your options for nightly or weekly care as long as you need it. Our forward-thinking clients purchase packages of hours, knowing how important it is to avoid the brink of exhaustion. These hours can be used at your discretion whether for overnight care a couple times a week, or every night.